"There is magic

  in eloquence"


  • For essays, personal statements, and other short written assignments

    Starts at $0.20/word
  • Constructive comments about content and style for long texts and books

    Starts at $1.25/page
  • Writing your personal statements, posts, articles, and books

    Starts at $.30/word
  • Arabic->English | Contracts, documents, and other short texts (<15 pg)

    Starts at $25/pg
  • Arabic-English | For books and long documents (>15 pgs)

    Starts at $0.08/word
  • Preparing your text for print

    Starts at $4/pg
  • Basic level grammar editing for all texts

    Starts at $.07/word
  • Objective-specific rework of the style and content of any short work

    Starts at $0.15/word
  • Improving the prose and power of your book's message

    Starts at $5/pg

About Us

Kalimagic is dedicated to unlocking the latent potential of language. We work with texts at every stage of production to ensure the best quality of communication and presentation.